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Xocolatl Chocolate Bars (set of 12)

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Small batch chocolate made from sustainably and ethically grown cacao.  Single-origin dark chocolate is made with cacao and organic cane sugar and no added fillers.  The flavored bars are made with the same two ingredients along with flavored ingredients such as peppermint, coffee, coconut milk, sea salt, which are locally, organically, and fairly sourced.  The end result are vegan, soy and gluten free, delicious chocolate bars.

Sold in cases of 12 bars.  3 case minimum (choose any 3 flavors).

Bars measure 6" x 3".

1 year shelf life.

Flavor-Inclusion Bars:

Love & Happiness: blood orange infused olive oil & dried raspberries swirled in dark chocolate

Soul Rebel: coconut milk dark chocolate with Jamaican jerk spices

Magnifimint: organic, dried peppermint & dark chocolate

Go Nuts!: the adult PB&J; dry roasted almonds & vanilla-tickled sea salt set in naturally fruity, jammy dark chocolate

Kissed Mermaids: coconut, cacao, vanilla, and salt create this coconut milk dark chocolate bar

Wide-Eyed: dark chocolate & coffee

Single-Origin Bars (made from cacao & organic cane sugar):

San Martin de Pangoa, Peru 70%

Matagalpa, Nicaragua 72%

Sambirano Valley, Madagascar 73%

Ecuadora 73%

San Martin de Pangoa, Peru 85%

Pure 100%

Please allow 3-6 weeks for processing and shipping.

Since this is a food item we cannot accept returns. 

Orders will ship directly from vendor.

Made by Xocolatl in Atlanta, Georgia.

Photos by Xocolatl.

Learn more about Xocolatl here.