Traditional Swedish Cookies

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Fill your wedding welcome bags with a box of our delicious, traditional, Swedish cookies.  Pair with our artisan tea so your guests can relax and take "fika" or a little break with cookies and tea before your ceremony.

12 box minimum.  Please ensure 12 units are added to quantity in order to check out.

6 month shelf life.

Boxes measure: 2.3" x 4.7" x 2.3"

8-10 cookies/box. 3.4oz – 96gr.

Available flavors:

Raspberry Cave - buttery, rich, golden, made with Organic flour, sugar, organic butter, vanilla & natural raspberry jam from Maya's Jam.

Chocolate Caramel - rich cacao flavor and lingering caramel.  Topped with nib sugar.

Vanilla Dream - light vanilla flavor.  Made with Baker's ammonia that gives the cookie lots of tiny air-pockets and it's characteristic texture. 

Ginger Snaps - crisp, spicy rounds with pieces of sweet almonds.

Farmer's Cookie - crispy and nutty.  Made with almonds and Swedish golden syrup that has a distinct flavor of brown sugar. 

Cardamom Crisp - sweet and crispy, filled with freshly crushed cardamom.

Please allow 3-6 weeks for processing and shipping.

Since this is a food item we cannot accept returns.

Orders will ship directly from vendor.

Made by Unna Bakery in Harlem, NY.

$ 6.99