Salty Road Taffy

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Salt water taffy made using natural flavorings for a creamy, flavorful, milkshake-like treat with a crunch of salt.

24 box minimum.  Please ensure 24 units are added to quantity in order to check out.

6 month shelf life.

3.5 oz. boxes measure 5"L x 2.5"W x 1.75"D.  Contain 13-15 pieces.

Available flavors:

Bergamot - floral, tangy chew made with Bergamot, a citrusy fruit known as a key ingredient in Earl Grey tea.

Deep Dark Chocolate - dense, non-taffy, chocolate chews made with rich, dark, bittersweet chocolate and a sea salt crunch.  

Peppermint - classic peppermint candy with a surprising sea salt crunch.

Salty Caramel Apple - key ingredient includes Vermont-made cider jelly; inspired by fresh apple pie.

Salty Mango Lassi - inspired by the Salty Mango Lassi summertime drink which whips mango, yogurt, water, and salt.

Salty Peanut - honey, peanut butter, a hint of vanilla, and sea salt make up this sweet and salty treat.

Sea Salt Caramel - notes of dark coffee and burnt sugar combined for a bitter, sweet, salty, and chewy taffy.

Strawberries & Cream - made with real strawberry puree and sea salt for a strawberry milkshake taste.

Vanilla - similar to a chewy vanilla milkshake with whole vanilla beans and a salty crunch.

Please allow 3-6 weeks for processing and shipping.

Since this is a food item we cannot accept returns.

Orders will ship from Moko & Company.  If shipping with other items, products will ship once entire order is complete.

Handmade by Salty Road in Brooklyn, New York.

$ 6.00