Craft Cocktail Blends

Craft Cocktail Blends Craft Cocktail Blends Craft Cocktail Blends Craft Cocktail Blends Craft Cocktail Blends Craft Cocktail Blends

Gift your guests out of the ordinary cocktail mixes made using natural and fresh ingredients.  They'll love blending up their own cocktails with American Juice Company's unique juice blends.

18 bottle minimum.  Please ensure 18 units are added to quantity in order to check out.

18 month shelf life.

4 oz bottles measure: 2" x 2" x 4.5"

1 oz per cocktail recommended.

Available flavors:

Johnny Pumpkinseed - pumpkin, passion fruit, pepper - With fall comes candy corn, bright maple leaves and, of course, pumpkins. To make this blend, we roast pumpkin and scoop out its sweet core. The butternut flavor can be too hearty on its own, so we add passion fruit and pepper to give it a refreshing kick.

Lady Lychee - lychee, rose, strawberry - We combined the fragrance of roses, extracted from their petals like tea, with lychees and strawberries to create a blend with a floral aroma and a delicious taste. Like oysters, it's a veritable aphrodisiac.  Named in honor of Lady Liberty.

Herman Mangoville - mango, pineapple, lime - We take special care to get mangos from wherever they're in season, whether that's champagne mangos from Mexico in the spring or Tommy Atkins mangos from Florida in the summer. We muddle limes as if we were preparing a mojito because their sourness blends well with a ripe mango's candied flavor.  Named in honor of Herman Melville.

Harriet Peacher Stowe - peach, raspberry, vanilla - Like an insecure beauty, sweet peaches need subtle compliments. Freshly picked raspberries, Tahitian vanilla and a subtle fragrance of Sevilla orange zests enhance this blend's flavor, creating the sensation of biting into a fresh peach with every sip.  Named in honor of Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Ginger Gershwin - ginger, orange, lemon - If not prepared well, ginger cocktails can be aggressively spicy. That’s why we made this blend, to ensure your cocktails have just a gingery kick, not a fiery bite that’ll scorch your taste buds. Oranges bring out the ginger’s sweet side, and extract from lemon verbena leaves lends a soothing taste to the mix that also helps bond the flavors together.  Named in honor of George Gershwin.

Blueberry Finn - blueberry, apple, lime, non-allergenic almond - Apples have a delicate taste that enhances the blueberries without overwhelming them, similar to vermouth in a rye Manhattan. We add lime juice and homemade almond extract to bond the flavors together. The vitamin-rich berries are loaded with antioxidants, which help to cleanse the body of toxins and strengthen the immune system.  Named in honor of Huckleberry Finn.

Please allow 3-6 weeks for processing and shipping.

Since this is a food item we cannot accept returns.

Orders will ship from Moko & Company.  If shipping with other items, products will ship once entire order is complete.

Made by American Juice Company based in New York, New York.

$ 4.99