Assorted Lollipop Boxes

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Sweet little treats for your wedding guest gift bags.  Fun, flavorful lollipops handmade in Georgia.

Lollipops come individually wrapped.  To dress up your lollipops, tie together with our baker's twine.

Sold in boxes of assorted flavors.

2-4 weeks shelf life during the summer.  3-4 weeks shelf life in the colder months.

Lollipops measure about 1 1/2" wide and 1/4" thick.

Available boxes and flavors:

Sweet Summer Box - (5) Watermelon Mojito, (5) Strawberry Lemon, (5) Raspberry Lemonade, (5) Pineapple and Honey.  Sold in boxes of 20 lollipops.

Think Spring Box - (5) Lavender and Marshmallow, (5) Rose and Honey, (5) Marigold, (5) Marshmallow and Hibiscus. Sold in boxes of 20 lollipops.

Coffee Love Box - (5) Pumpkin Spice Latte, (5) Cinnamon Latte, (5) Peppermint Latte, (5) Coffee Caramel.  Sold in boxes of 20 lollipops.

Flower Hearts Box - (25) Rose and Honey, (25) Marigold, (25) Lavender and Marshmallow, (25) Marshmallow & Hibiscus.  Sold in boxes of 100 lollipops.

Please allow two weeks for processing and shipping.  Lollipops will ship about 5-7 days before your event to ensure freshness.

Since this is a food item we cannot accept returns.

Lollipops are processed by nuts - almonds and pistachios are used in some lollipops.

Orders will ship from vendor.

Made by Leccare Lollipops located in Athens, Georgia.

$ 27.00