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Design Help

 Tote Bag Proofs

All of our tote bags are fully customizable.  On each product page, you choose your colors, personalization, text, and quantity.  If you can't decide on your design, contact us and we'll send along design proofs.  If you choose to add text to your bags, we will send over font options and layouts.  We will also email proofs with your requested colors so you can have an idea of how they will look on your totes.  Our tote bag proof services are free.  *A design fee may apply for additional proofs and some custom designs.  *Designs requiring multiple color changes (i.e. state blue, text grey) will require an additional fee.

Tote Design Help

I would like a state/country design that is not available on your website.  Please contact us with the state/country you would like and we will add it to our site.  There is no design fee.

I have a custom design already created.  If you have a design concept and own the rights to reproduce this design we are happy to print them on our totes.  *A design fee may apply depending on the design and time/manipulation required on our end.  

I have a design concept and would like you to design my totes from scratch.  If you have an idea for a custom design or would like us to design totes that coordinate with your wedding paper products we will work with you on designing your totes until we have the perfect bags for your event.  *A design fee may apply.