Nola Bars

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Make sure to include plenty of snacks in your welcome bags such as our handmade, grain-free Nola bars.

12 bar minimum.  Please ensure 12 units are added to quantity in order to check out.

Consume or freeze within 14 days of arrival for optimum freshness.

1.5 oz bars.

Available flavors: Original, Vegan Apple Pie

Includes antioxidants, natural metabolism boosters, heart-healthy fats, and energizing vitamins and minerals. All of the good stuff, nothing else.

Grain-free, soy-free, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat/oat free.

Please allow 3-6 weeks for processing and shipping.

Since this is a food item we cannot accept returns.

Orders will ship directly from vendor.

Made by The Annex Kitchen in San Francisco, California.

$ 2.85