Brew Soaps

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Make your groomsmen and beer-loving guests feel damn handsome with our damn handsome beer soaps.

Damn Handsome beer soaps utilize the "bottom of the barrel" ingredients from breweries as they are naturally beneficial for the skin.  Yeast is abundant with B vitamins and biotins.  Oats, wheat, hops, and barley are packed with antioxidants and proteins.

36 bar minimum.  

Available bars:

IPA Beer Soap (3.5 oz) - citrusy amarillo hops combined with subtle pine/floral notes leave you clean and energized.

Java Stout Beer Soap (3.5 oz) - infused with coffee grounds from a Michigan coffee shop, hops from a local brewery, chocolate spent grains, and stout syrup.

Hoppy Mint Beer Soap (3.5oz) - hemp-seed oil, ground cascade hops, eucalyptus, and mint make up this cooling hand/body/face soap.

Coconut Porter Shampoo Bar (4 oz)- all-in-one bar utilizes barley from a Michigan coconut porter, hops and malt.  The vitamin B, proteins, and minerals will enrich your hair while the the argan oil, aloe leaf, and sunflower-seed botanical extracts strengthen and protect.

Please allow 3-6 weeks for processing and shipping.

Returns must be made within 10 days of receipt, unopened, undamaged, unused, and in original packaging.

Orders will ship from Moko & Company.  If shipping with other items, products will ship once entire order is complete.

Made by Damn Handsome Grooming Co in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

$ 8.00