Leccare Lollipops - Not Just for Kids

leccare lollipops for wedding welcome packages

Kimberly, the founder and maker behind Leccare Lollipops, never intended to become a full time lollipop creator, in fact, her career began as a mixologist and photographer. Yearning to combine her two passions, Kimberly, set off to discover how she could use both her skills in a creative manner. With a bit of trial and error and several attempts at creating artisan rock candy, Kimberly’s process led her to lollipops and she hasn’t looked back.

Kimberly worked for months perfecting her craft, playing with oils, spices, and flowers and using friends and family as taste-testers. The months of hard work have clearly paid off and the end result are lollipops that are as beautiful as they are delicious.  

Kimberly combines locally sourced ingredients with simple, pure spices and simple syrups to create simply wonderful lollipops. Her Lavender and Marshmallow lollipops combine sweet ingredients with floral elements; floating flowers within the pops.  Not only are the ingredients thoughtful, but also visually unique. Kimberly swirls, sprinkles, and mixes her ingredients just right to create a truly beautiful lollipop.

We are thrilled to offer Kimberly’s Leccare Lollipops as gifts for your wedding welcome bags. Your brides and grooms can choose from four assorted lollipop boxes or choose individual flavors in sets of 20 lollipops. Our Sweet Summer Box, Think Spring Box, and Coffee Love Box include 20 lollipops. Our Flower Hearts Boxes are sold in boxes of 100 lollipops.

welcome gift lollipops

Sweet Summer Box: 5 Watermelon Mojito, 5 Strawberry Lemon, 5 Raspberry Lemonade, and 5 Pineapple and Honey. This box of lollipops is perfect for summer weddings with coral, pink, yellow, and orange color schemes.

spring lollipops for welcome bags 

Think Spring Box: 5 Lavender and Marshmallow, 5 Rose and Honey, 5 Marigold, 5 Marshmallow and Hibiscus. The perfect floral lollipops for garden/spring weddings.

 coffee welcome gift ideas

Coffee Love Box: 5 Pumpkin Spice Latter, 5 Cinnamon Latte, 5 Peppermint Latte, 5 Coffee Caramel. We love Leccare Lollipops’ Coffee Love Box; any coffee lover will be in coffee heaven with these pops. Pair them with our coffee beans from Enderly Coffee and our delicious biscotti for a coffee lover’s dream welcome tote.

flower inspired welcome gifts 

Flower Hearts Box: 25 Rose and Honey, 25 Marigold, 25 Lavender and Marshmallow, 25 Marshmallow and Hibiscus. Spread the love of these heart shaped treats in your welcome packages.

artisan lollipops for wedding welcome bags

Choose your own flavors.  Sold in sets of 20 lollipops/flavor.  Available flavors include: Honey and Pineapple, Marigold and Lemon, Lemon Burst, Apple and Pear, Cotton Candy (blue), Orange Soda, Blood Orange and Ginger, Cotton Candy (pink), Marshmallow and Hibiscus, Raspberry Coconut, Lavender and Vanilla Bean, Strawberries and Cream, Red Velvet Heart, Peaches and Cream, Apple Pie, Butterscotch and Caramel.

Add a sweet, playful element to your welcome packages with Leccare Lollipops.

Texas Wedding Welcome Gifts

State inspired wedding welcome gifts are a wonderful way to welcome out of town guests to your beloved state.  Here are a few products we offer that pay homage to the great state of Texas.

texas welcome gift coasters
Hand carved Texas state coasters.
texas based welcome gifts
Soaps handmade in Austin, Texas.
austin texas field guide welcome gifts
Austin, Texas field guides.
texas welcome gifts
Texas inspired, cedar & leather scented candles.
Texas state silhouette tote bags with custom heart location.  
Bacon cotton candy, hot sauces, and beef jerky.

Bridal Shower Gifts

We handpick our selection of welcome bag gifts with hotel welcome bags in mind, but they also make wonderful wedding favors, bridal shower favors, bridal party gifts, and groomsmen gifts.  Our state tea towels, cupcake soaps, and state cookie cutters would make for charming bridal shower gifts your friends and family would love!

bridal shower gifts

Welcome to Vermont

Here are a few of our Vermont-inspired wedding welcome gifts.  Our Goat Milk Caramels are handmade in Vermont.  VerMints breath mints originated in Vermont.  And our Maple Syrup comes from Vermont's neighbor, New Hampshire.  We love Vermont and all of New England's beauty.  These Vermont-inspired products will be sure to make your guests feel welcome in the Green Mountain State.

vermont wedding welcome gifts


Behind the Scenes: Wedding Welcome Gifts

Behind the scenes look at our wedding welcome welcome gift bags

Tea Inspired Bridal Shower Gifts

We've paired our XS "Love Always" tote with a few goodies that guests will love at your next bridal shower tea party.  Fill up your totes with our Organic teas, colorful straws, state cookie cutters, and natural lip balms.  Have fun playing with our color options - we've worked to coordinate colors across vendors so you can find the perfect colorful gifts to match your party's theme.tea bridal shower gifts

Long Island Wedding Welcome Totes

Our newest wedding welcome tote bags are now available!! 
Welcome to Long Island!!
long island new york custom totes
xs long island wedding bags
long island hotel welcome bagsmedium long island welceom bagslarge long island hotel welcome bags

Color Schemes for Wedding Welcome Bags

Here are a few of our favorite color combinations for wedding welcome tote bags.  There are so many fun ways to play with color in your welcome gifts.  You can mix and match colors on your totes and coordinate them with your ribbons and packaging.  We love the patriotic feel of navy and red, the beach vibe from our turquoise and pink colors, and the simple elegance of light grey and gold.  If you have a hard time visualizing how colors will work together we will always provide proofs of your totes.  We can even send a few proofs with different color combinations before you purchase. 

Have fun browsing some of our favorites!

blush and gold wedding welcome gift bags

navy and gold wedding gift bags

turquoise and pink hotel welcome gifts

light grey and gold hotel welcome bags

navy an red hotel welcome bags

peacock blue and blush hotel gift bags for wedding guests


Big Fake Wedding Charlotte, NC

We participated in The Big Fake Wedding Charlotte in April and wanted to share a few of the stunning photographs from Stefanie Haviv Photography.  It was lovely to meet brides/grooms and other vendors in the area and show them our wedding welcome bags and gifts.  wedding welcome giftswine bottle opener and totes wedding welcome giftsCheers! Wine Tote, State Bottle Openers, NC Beer Map

nc wedding welcome totesState Welcome Bags, Charlotte Adventure Map

hotel welcome gifts for bagsChad's Carolina Corn, Mountain Tea Towels, Charlotte Coasters

beach wedding welcome bagsSmall Anchor Tote Bags, Custom Coin Purses

hotel welcome gifts

French Broad Chocolates, State Silhouette Cards, Metal State Ornaments, Lip Balm

wedding welcome gifts and bagsChad's Carolina Corn, The Great NC BBQ Map, XSmall Love Always tote

Wedding Welcome Bags for Summer Weddings

It can be difficult finding the perfect wedding welcome bag gifts.  We find a combination of snacks, candies, mementos, and beverages does the trick.  We've compiled some summer favorites that are sure to get your guests ready to celebrate. 
wedding welcome tote bags
Start off with custom wedding tote bags. 
Add a colorful ribbon for a decorative touch.
ideas for wedding welcome bags
Fill your summer wedding welcome bags with fun candies like saltwater taffy and hops infused lollipops.
Toes in the Sand soap will remind wedding guests of your beach wedding even after the festivities.
And they'll feel like a kid again setting off confetti while they nibble on cotton candy treats.
snack ideas for wedding welcome bags
Something salty something sweet!  Fill your wedding welcome bags with delicious chocolates and yummy snacks.
coffee for wedding welcome tote bags
After long nights celebrating, your guests will be grateful for a caffeinated beverage or two.
summer wedding welcome beach bags
There you have it!  A few ideas to get your summer wedding off to a great start!