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Why Wedding Welcome Bags are Always a Good Idea

Wedding welcome bags are a thoughtful and personal touch to the wedding planning process. Essentially, they are the adult version of a goodie bag… fun to gift, and fun to receive! Unfortunately, many people question whether or not they are worth it. If your wedding guests choose to stay in a hotel during your celebration weekend, greeting them with a welcome bag is always a good idea. Not only will it bring a smile to their face that you went the extra distance to create a special gift for them, but it allows you to provide a few small items that will make their overall stay more comfortable and enjoyable. 

When wondering if gifting a wedding welcome bag is necessary for your special day, there are a few things to consider that may help you decide: 

First, is your wedding considered a ‘destination wedding’? In other words, what percentage of your guests are traveling from out of state? If the majority of your guests are traveling from out of state, and the wedding is taking place somewhere other than your hometown, your wedding is considered to be a destination wedding. This means that you will have a large portion of your guests staying the night in a hotel, therefore making a wedding welcome bag a nice touch for their extended stay. 

Second, is your wedding located in a place that your guests are familiar with, or will it be a new experience for most? Is it somewhere tropical? Is it in a city or the countryside? The answers to these questions will help you curate the perfect welcome bag for your guests. Welcome bags give you the opportunity to celebrate the location of your wedding and allow your guests to learn more about it. It also gives you the chance to support local businesses in that area.

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Third, are there other events happening during your wedding weekend that guests should be aware of? Are you having a rehearsal dinner that includes out-of-town guests? Will there be a brunch the morning after? Are there other fun events or happenings in the area that your guests may be interested in attending during the weekend? All of these questions can be answered concisely and conveniently as part of your welcome bag. Communicating these details can be difficult; it is very rare that guests keep the insert of your wedding invitation that originally housed this information. Providing them with these details is essential to keep your wedding weekend organized and pleasant.

Overall, wedding welcome bags give you the opportunity to greet your guests and let them know that they are about to have a memorable weekend celebrating your special day! We have various size and design options for welcome bags and we'll help you create the perfect welcome notes to thank your guests for attending and communicate your schedule of events with them. There are so many creative ways to make your welcome bags personal…we can’t wait to continue to share our ideas with you!

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