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Tips and Tricks for Thoughtful Welcome Packages

Here are some tips and tricks to creating thoughtful wedding welcome bags:

1.  Less is more.  Include products your guests will want to keep or use.  Adding a lot of products to your welcome bags will overwhelm your guests, be under appreciated, and potentially waste your time and money.

2.  Quality over quantity.  Your guests will much more appreciate a few high quality, artisinal, personalized, small batch gifts vs. name brand products.  Introduce your guests to wonderful brands you hand selected just for them that they may not have seen before.

3.  Be intentional with your thank you gifts.  Try and put yourself in your guests shoes.  What would you like to receive after a long day of travel?  How do you want to show your appreciation for your guests taking a weekend to celebrate you?  

4.  Create a story with thoughtful favors.  Play with color, themes, your history as a couple, where you've been and where you're going.  Your welcome bags are a great, abstract way to tell your story.  Where did you meet?  Add a snack found in that region.  Where are you getting married?  Add a map of the best pizza in the neighborhood so guests can go explore.

Here is an example of simple, yet effective welcome bags.

Theme: Beach Wedding

Color Story: Aqua & Red

Location: North Carolina  


When building your welcome bags you want to include:

1.  Snacks for now

2.  Mementos for later

3.  A connection to your location

Your guests can enjoy the Bruks bar, caramels, and lollipops throughout the weekend - maybe add a can of local brew to your package as well. 

Also include memento's your guests will keep and cherish for years to come such as a koozie, state bottle opener, pouch, and pin.

The North Carolina Beer Map connects your guests to your wedding location.  This gives them a sense of belonging in an otherwise unfamiliar place.  Your guests can now explore the area and immerse themselves in the very special place you chose for your wedding.

We carefully curate the welcome gifts offered on our site to coordinate with our totes so you can have fun choosing which small batch, handmade, USA made/designed, locally crafted items to gift to your out of town guests.


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