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Self Care Products as Wedding Favors: Spotlight on Latika Body Essentials

Gifting bath and body products is a very popular choice among people planning weddings everywhere, especially as a favor for a wedding shower. What woman in your life wouldn’t love a new beautiful soap to pamper herself? Quality bath products can be hard to come by, but we guarantee that your searching will end with Latika Body Essentials. 

Latika Body Essentials is a family owned business located in Austin, Texas. Their wide array of bath and body products is impressive, but their values and overall mission are even more so. They strive to offer self care products that are both easy to use and fun. This makes their products an excellent choice to use when gifting items to the guests of your specific event. Their products are all certified cruelty free by PETA. When purchasing from Latika, you can feel confident that you are supporting a business that is committed to using clean ingredients and refuses to test their products on animals. They are a company that truly cares about their quality and keeping their customers happy. We also love their beliefs about treating their employees with fairness. They provide a supportive working environment with flexible hours for their employees, and they believe that teamwork is key to making great products. Well, they are definitely doing something right because their products are always a hit!

Their cupcake soaps provide a whimsical choice for your favors.  These fun gifts are colorful and perfect for a summer wedding, wedding shower, or even as a baby shower favor. The cupcake soaps are sold in sets of ten, and come in three different colors to help you coordinate with your wedding or baby shower color scheme: blush (bubblegum scented), pink (cotton candy scented), or lavender (lavender love scented). 

If you are interested in a more classic gift choice, we offer two other choices of Latika Body Essentials products: natural lip balms and natural bar soaps. The lip balms are sold in cases of twelve and are made with essential oils, pure olive oil, and beeswax. They give a subtle shine and are available in six different scents: vanilla, honey mint, rose, lavender, macaron, and honey tea tree. The bar soaps are S.L.S. and paraben free, are completely vegan, and are made from natural ingredients. They are sold in cases of ten soaps and come in the following luscious scents: guava & goji berry, olive grove, milk & honey, lavender, and ginger & jasmine. They also offer an option for a facial soap bar that is made of tea tree, honey, and tumeric. Visit the product page to see which scent we recommend for which theme/location of wedding!

Latika Body Essentials is a one stop shop for favors and welcome bag fillers alike. Their products will add the perfect amount of fun and quality to your gifts… your guests will not be disappointed! Be sure to reach out if you have any questions about how to incorporate Latika Body Essentials products into your welcome packages.

Photos by: Latika Body Essentials

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