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Chocolate Treats for Wedding Welcome Bags: Xocolatl

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About Xocolatl:
Xocolatl Small Batch Chocolate was founded on the principles of travel and adventure by two world travelers with big dreams.  After spending time backpacking parts of the world, Elaine and Matt (cofounders of Xocolatl) moved back to the US to begin their family.  Having remembered their big dreams they decided to move to Puerto Veijo, Costa Rica and begin working towards those dreams. 

Puerto Viejo is the home to cacao, which Elaine and Matt embraced by meeting with and training with local chocolate makers to learn all they could about cacao and its intense, pure taste.  Elaine and Matt returned to Atlanta to create Xocolatl Small Batch Chocolate.  At their micro-factory they make dark chocolate, free of fillers, but full of flavor.  

Xocolatl is the Nahuatl word for chocolate.  "Xocol" meant bitter.  "Atl" meant water.

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About the Chocolate:

We've teamed up with Xocolatl to offer their small batch chocolate made from sustainably and ethically grown cacao.  Their single-origin dark chocolate is made with cacao and organic cane sugar and no added fillers.  The flavored bars are made with the same two ingredients along with flavored ingredients such as peppermint, coffee, coconut milk, sea salt, which are locally, organically, and fairly sourced.  The end result are vegan, soy and gluten free, delicious chocolate bars.

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love and happiness chocolate
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How to Gift Xocolatl:

Building welcome bags or bulk gifting for clients this holiday season?  Choose from a variety of bold flavors, adorable names, and bright, fun packaging.  Your recipients will adore receiving award winning chocolates in their thank you gifts. 

Choose the 100% Pure Chocolate bar dressed in a white on white floral wrapper for the perfect wedding favor or add the Love & Happiness bar to your welcome bags for a colorful, happy snack.  

The delicious chocolate plus the eye-catching packaging make the perfect addition to any thank you gifts, holiday gifts, teacher gifts, or welcome bags you may need.  Coordinate colors with our customizable tote bags for a thoughtful, beautiful gift.




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