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An Adventurous Welcome Bag Gift: Wildsam Field Guides

If you're planning a wedding or event, adding a map of the area to your welcome bags is a great idea.  This helps your guests get acclimated, feel comfortable, and get to go explore the area you chose for your special day.  Adding Wildsam Field Guides to your wedding welcome bags takes the map game to a whole new level.  Wildsam Field Guides will captivate, engage, and educate your guests as they explore your favorite city.  Wildsam Field Guides are a collection of tips, interviews, maps, illustrations, historical accounts, and so much more, that will take your guests on a journey through your wedding city.  Here's a little bit more about the guides and the ingenious company that creates them.

With a world filled with wonders, Wildsam set off to unveil the authenticity of a place and share these deep connections with the world.  In 2012, Wildsam launched out of a 500 sq foot apartment in Brooklyn, NY.  Taylor Bruce used his background in creative writing to build Wildsam.  He started with his Nashville field guide which received attention from the national media and travelers across the country.  Wildsam also won the National Geographic "Traveler 50" awarded in 2015.  

Wildsam currently offers 14 field guides.  11 city field guides and 3 regional field guides geared towards road trips.  The city guides include: Austin, Brooklyn, Charleston, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, Portland, San Antonio, and San Francisco.  The regional guides include: American South, Desert Southwest, and New England.

If you are hosting an event in any of these areas, Wildsam Field Guides are a must-have for your gift bags.  The colorful covers coordinate with our selection of gifts and welcome bags.  They are filled with information and illustrations your guests will love to reference as they explore your beloved city.  The size is perfect to fit in your bag or purse as you venture out to explore.

A deeper look into each book:

austin texas welcome bag gifts


Recently updated in 2018, the Austin field guide is filled with recommendations, interviews, maps, and more.  Explore Austin's best BBQ joints, swimming holes, places for queso, mezcal, steak frites, and bars with your trusty Wildsam field guide in hand.  The guide includes a map of Austin's best BBQ spots, best coffee, and best hotels to stay in.  The guide also includes interviews with Austin-based architects, chefs, artists, and more.  

brooklyn field guide for welcome bags


With thriving, diverse neighborhoods, you'll learn about Manhattan's edgy counterpart in the Brooklyn field guide by Wildsam.  Here you'll read local stories, travel tips, restaurants, interviews, history, and where to find the finest piece of pizza.  This guide even includes an illustrated guide just for kids.

charleston south carolina welcome bag gifts


Get the tips for finding Charleston's semi-hidden alleyways.  Learn about the city's shipwrecks.  Use the architectural and secret garden maps while you tour the city.  Discover the seven best restaurants and what to order.

denver guide for welcome bags


Find the best coffee spot, bar, and shops.  Read interviews from wilderness photographers, ski builders, and dispensary owners.  Spend a day following an illustrated map of the local craft breweries.  And find out which Colorado mountains have the best ski runs you can find.

detroit welcome bag gifts


With small businesses taking the city by storm, Detroit is alive and well.  Any event being hosted in Detroit must have the Wildsam Detroit field guide to guide guests to the city's best diners, old-school bars, jazz clubs, burger joints, and more.  Also includes an interview from a local boxing champion.

los angeles hotel gift bag gifts

Los Angeles

Read about local stories, interviews from a beloved L.A. chef, and which outdoor adventures to try.  Where to find the best flea market, denim supply, and surf shop.  This guide has it all.

nashville welcome bag gifts


With a 2018 update, this Nashville field guide will entertain you with interviews, maps, and intel to the Music City.  From top lunch spots to recommended live music joints, gifting the Nashville field guide is a must for Nashville events.  Interviews from locals make you feel like a part of the culture.  It even brings you further beyond Nashville to recommend natural wonders that are located within a few hours of the city.

new orleans welcome bag gifts

New Orleans

Here you'll learn about New Orleans' iconic dishes and the best spots to find them.  Hear stories about jazz greats.  And take a cocktail crawl approved by bartenders.  A New Orleans welcome bag essential.

portland welcome bag gift guides


Explore the Rose City with the help of Portland-based writers, entrepreneurs, chefs, musicians, change makers, and artists.  Guide includes illustrated maps and interviews with locals.  Excerpts about Prefontaine, Bigfoot, The Simpsons, and other Portland fames.  Enjoy learning about Wildsam's favorite bike shops, live music venues, arcades, noodle houses, and more.  

san antonio welcome bag gifts

San Antonio

Follow along the illustrated Tex-Mex cuisine map to find the best Tex-Mex spots in San Antonio.  Learn about San Antonio's diverse musical history.  Take a day trip to the Hill Country or check out one of San Antonio's rodeos.  

san francisco field guides for weddings

San Francisco

Explore San Francisco while learning about the Bay Area technology timeline.  Discover why the Golden Gate bridge is red.  Find the secret bike paths to help you avoid those San Francisco hills.  Get an insider's tip on the city's best views.  And finally understand why there is all of that fog.

american south road trip guide

American South

If guests are road tripping to your wedding destination in the great American South, they'll love receiving this field guide for their return trip.  Here they can learn where to take the scenic route while reading Nikole Hannah-Jones essays or interviews with BBQ legends.

desert southwest gift for welcome bags

Desert Southwest

This guide will lead you to the best burger and shake joint found in Moab, Utah.  You'll learn about historic lawmen and outlaws while taking the scenic back roads, which this guide leads you to for every southwestern state.  A must have for a stop at the Grand Canyon as it includes a map of remarkable overlooks.

new england hotel gift bags

New England

If your guests are traveling from Connecticut to Maine for your wedding they will be ever so grateful for this road trip book on their way home.  Add it to their welcome bags and allow them to explore Maines best lobster shacks, maybe swing through Boston, and learn about other New England favorites, such as Cape Cod and the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

**Photos by Wildsam.  Information gathered from Wildsam website.

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