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Delicious Cookies Your Welcome Bags Must Have: Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

Created by recipe developer, food stylist, and food photographer, Susan Palmer, Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop offers delicious, happy cookies that are sure to make you smile.  Making the world a sweeter place since she was a small child, Susan learned how to bake side by side with her mother.  Susan started developing her own recipes and eventually won the Brooklyn Cookie Takedown in 2011 and 2012.  On a mission to developing the perfect chocolate chip cookie, Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop was born.

Susan continues to bake her signature chocolate chip cookies along with other favorites we all grew up with using only the finest ingredients and never any preservatives.  

Sold in cases of 12 packs with just a 2 case minimum, Little Red Kitchen cookies will add a touch of sweetness to your gift bags.  Whether you're greeting guests at your wedding or thanking your clients for their business, add these delicious locally made treats for your recipients to enjoy.  Not only will you be gifting a scrumptious treat, but you will also be supporting a small, women-owned business, which makes everything sweeter.

Some of her original cookie flavors include:

Signature Chocolate Chip: With plenty of chocolate in every bite there's a reason these are the signature cookie.  Crispy on the outside while inside is chewy.
S'Mores: Graham flavored cookies with chocolate chips. Finished with gelatin-free marshmallow placed on top.  Soft and chewy cookies.
Amaretti: Italian inspired.  Made with 100% almond flour.  Chewy cookies.  Gluten and dairy free.
Lemon Sugar: Sugar cookies with a lemon scent.  Coated in all natural sugar sprinkles that are made in house.  Soft and chewy cookies.
Triple Chocolate: A chocolate lovers delight.  Three types of chocolate are used for an intense cookie.  A touch of sea salt to finish.  
Peanut Butter: Locally sourced peanut butter is used in this intense peanut butter cookie.  Soft cookies.
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich: Peanut butter cookies on the outside with organic strawberry jam sandwiched in between.
Molasses Spice: Spiced molasses cookies with a sugar coating.  Soft and chewy cookies.

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