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DIY: Heart Wedding Welcome Bags with Your Cricut

The Cricut is a wonderful tool for all things DIY.  If you want to DIY parts of your wedding this is a great investment.  Cricut offers an entire "Parties & Events" project section.  You can make so many decorations for your wedding from cake toppers to photo booth props to name tags and so much more!  We tried out the Every-Day Iron On Vinyl on one of our small blank tote bags.  These would make adorable welcome bags or bridesmaid gifts.  You could design your own graphic and iron it right onto your bags.


Cricut Every-Day Iron On Vinyl



Cricut Light or Standard Grip Mat

Cricut Machine


Tote Bag

1.  Create heart shape in Cricut Design Space or Illustrator and open in Design Space.

2.  Adjust the heart size so it's the correct size for the tote you are using.  We used our Small totes that measure 10"w x 12"h with a 3" gusset and our heart measured about 5 3/4"l x 5.5”w.

3.  Cut out a piece of vinyl that will fit your design.

4.  Choose from Cricut's selection of Every-Day Iron on colors.  We used a bronze/copper color.

5.  Place liner side down on the mat (liner is on the front/colorful side of the vinyl).

6.  Turn on machine and click through to cut.

7.  For Cricut Explore Air 2 select custom on your materials knob.

8.  Set material in Design Space - click "Browse All Materials".

9.  Search for "Everyday Iron-On Vinyl".

10.  Select and click "Done".

11.  Make sure you mirror your image as you will be flipping it after it’s cut and ironing it with the liner/colorful side up.

12.  Load your correct tools and click the double arrow on your machine.

13.  Click the middle “C” Cricut button.

14.  After the image is cut, remove from mat and peel off the negative vinyl using the weeder tool.  Use the weeder to pull up one corner to start.

15.  Leave the image on the liner.

16.  Set your iron to the cotton/linen setting and turn steam off.

17.  Iron your bag for 10-15 seconds to preheat it.  This will allow it to accept the iron on into it’s fibers better.

18.  Make sure image is centered on your bag.

19.  Iron the image onto your bag liner side up for 25-30 seconds.  If your tote has a gusset, make sure it is flipped down so the bag lies flat on the ironing surface.

20.  Leaving the liner on.  Iron the back of the material for 25-30 seconds as well.

21.  Apply medium pressure when ironing.

22.  Allow to cool for a minute or so.  If you try and peel it off while it’s too hot the image pulls up as well leaving a wrinkle in your image.

23.  When peeling off the lining, if any part of the image is still sticking the liner, reapply to the fabric and reheat. Go slow so you can do this.

24.  All set!  Now you have a beautiful gift for your bridal party/wedding guests.

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