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How to Gift Ornaments: Welcome Bags, Event Favors, and Holidays

As the holidays approach and we start decking halls, stuffing stockings, and trimming trees we bring out our collection of ornaments and begin to reminisce.  Ornaments symbolize life events that remind us of years past: baby's first Christmas, newly engaged, just married, 50 year anniversary.  What perfect way to welcome your guests to your wedding, thank your guests for attending your event, or simply say "Happy Holidays."

Ornaments make wonderful keepsakes from weddings/events.  Of course they are perfect for December wedding favors, but they can even be used as home décor all year round.  Spread the love with ornaments that both symbolize the special place where you are hosting your event and show your love with a cut-out heart.

iron maid art ornaments

Iron Maid Art Metal State Ornaments

Photo: Iron Maid Art

Fasten ornaments to the handle of your welcome bags or pop them inside.  Your guests will love being welcomed to your event with a happy memento to remind them of your wedding every year.  

neighborwoods ornaments

Neighborwoods City Ornaments

Photo: Neighborwoods 

Gift ornaments as favors at your wedding or event.  Add custom text to share a special message with your guests.  You can leave them on a favor table at your reception, have them placed at your guests' seats, or add names/tables and use them as place cards.

welcome bag ornaments

Moko & Company Custom Wood Ornaments

Having a holiday ornament exchange?  Want to dress up your gift packaging with something extra special?  Ornaments make a great gift around the holidays and even all year round.  Playful ornaments can be used around the home to make your recipient smile 365 days a year: think wall hangings and desk decor.

snow made ornaments vintage trailer

SnowMade Vintage Trailer Ornaments

Photo: SnowMade

Ornaments can be gifted in so many ways. Here are a few ways to creatively gift your ornaments this holiday season:

1.  Use baker's twine and add atop your box of cookies.

2.  Tie with a ribbon on top of your package.

3.  Fasten to a favorite bottle of wine.

4.  Add to the strap of a gift tote.

5.  Attach to a card or gift card.

6.  Wrap a colorful ribbon around a floral bouquet, house plant, or succulent with a special ornament attached.

7.  Wrap your ornaments as a gift.

8.  Print a message on your ornaments and use them as gift tags.

Ornaments embellish any gift and make it a bit more special.  Give a gift that your recipient will enjoy for years to come. 

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