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How to Customize Your Wedding Welcome Totes

There are so many ways you can make your wedding welcome totes 100% your own; a reflection of you and your fiance; and of course, coordinate with your wedding aesthetic.

Want to represent both sides of the wedding and where the bride/groom are from?  Add two hearts instead of one to our state silhouette totes. 

Want to commemorate where your wedding took place?  Add the city name to your bags.

Want your guests to always remember your special date when they reuse your wedding welcome bags for years to come? Add your wedding date to the bags so every time they grab their new market tote, they think of the day they danced til their feet hurt (and received a cute bag!)

Wedding welcome bags are the first impression you make on your guests as you welcome them to your celebration. 

Guests sacrifice a great deal to support you in your beautiful life moment.  Greeting them with a thoughtfully curated gift bag shows your appreciation for them and ensures they are ready to celebrate!

Today we are sharing some of our favorite ways you can customize your wedding welcome bags to be the perfect symbol of your wedding.  No idea is too crazy, in fact, we welcome the out-of-the-box ideas because it's the creative, wild dreams you dream up that we strive to bring to life.  No idea is out of the question.  We are constantly striving to make customer concepts a reality as a challenge to ourselves, to make our company grow, so our customers are thrilled to present their thoughtful gifts to their guests, and so guests receive a gift that is unlike anything they've ever seen before.  Completely customizable welcome bags are our forte and we can't wait to collaborate and dream up new concepts with you.

Here are examples of past projects to illustrate the endless possibilities for your wedding welcome gifts.

 aruba large tote

Large Aruba wedding welcome totes.  Custom colors (aqua and red) with custom heart placement over Palm Beach.  Custom text below silhouette "Palm Beach, Aruba."

large bermuda totes

Large Bermuda tote bags with custom colors (green with mint heart).  Custom text added below silhouette "Bermuda" with the couple's wedding date.

boone nc small totes

This tote design was created specifically for this client.  We loved the result so much we added it as an option on our site.  You can customize these tote bags with any city name and state.  Choose a color for the text and a contrasting color for the state silhouette.

small maine totes

Our small Maine totes were customized with "Welcome!" below the shape of Maine to welcome guests upon their arrival.

large maine totes

These navy Maine tote bags with Carolina blue hearts were personalized with the couple's initials and wedding date below the state.

Custom wedding welcome bags add a personalized touch to your celebration that your out of town guests are bound to enjoy for years to come.


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