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How to Personalize Your Wedding Welcome Bags

We are often asked if wedding guests truly appreciate customizations or if they prefer totes without custom text that they can use after the event.  Our answer is always the same - it's up to you!!  There are pros and cons to ordering totes with custom text, but regardless, your guests will find a use for they're welcome bags after the wedding day.  Adding text will remind your guests of where they received the bag and what fun they had at your event.  Not adding text will allow your guests to tote around a cute everyday bag without your names/date/location on it, which they may appreciate in the long run.  The amount you customize your totes is completely up to you.  You can be more subtle with just your initials or more bold with your full names, wedding location, and wedding date.  Here are some examples of wedding welcome bags with custom text along with our font options.  Whenever you add custom text to your tote we will always send along multiple proofs with various font options until we have the perfect totes for your event.

arizona wedding welcome bags with text
These Arizona tote bags combine two different fonts with custom text including the couples names and wedding date.  We love the effect of combining casual fonts with more whimsical, elegant fonts to make certain words stand out.
michigan wedding welcome bags xs totestext for saugatuck michigan welcome bags
This design combined our Michigan State Tote Bags on the front with our Personalized Gift Bags on the back.  
block island wedding welcome bags
Our Block Island tote bags here include a subtle customization with the couple's wedding date placed discretely at the bottom of the image in a small font size.
california wedding welcome bags
We love combining different font styles, but in this case, the same font for the couple's names and their special date worked very nicely.  We changed the font size between the two lines to create a pleasant, visually appealing look.
Hawaii custom wedding welcome totes
We love playing with color when adding text.  We can change the text color or keep it the same as the state image.  Names/dates/location aren't the only text we can add to the bags.  If you have a quote, symbol, hashtag we can add just about anything to customize your totes.
massachusetts xs wedding welcome tote bags for out of town guests
In this Massachusetts wedding welcome tote we added text above the state and changed the color to coordinate with the heart color.
welcome to california hotel welcome bags
pink and gold virginia wedding welcome bags
Greet your out of town guests with "Welcome to..." text added to your bags.
florida hotel out of town gift bags
A simple way to customize your totes is to add the couple's initials to the bag.  We can add them in any color and any placement on the bag.  We can even add text inside the state silhouette with the text the same color as the bag.
costa rica destination wedding welcome bags
Here is an example of text being added inside the state/country silhouette.  We also added a hashtag below the state/country so guests will have a reminder for tagging photos of your big day.
washington dc wedding hotel welcome bags
new hampshire hotel gift bags for guests
We love the simple elegance of these welcome bags with the date printed just below the silhouette.  It is a subtle way to personalize your wedding welcome totes.  This will be a fun reminder of your special day when your guests are using their totes after your wedding weekend.
california hotel welcome bags for out of town guests
Add custom text for any event, not just weddings.  Here is an example of totes we made for a baby shower.
kiawah south carolina hotel welcome bags
custom location cape code wedding totes
If you want to add text that is more generic than your names and date simply add your wedding location.  This is especially special for destination weddings.
nyc skyline tote bags
We love the use of grey and black on our totes - the perfect combination for sleek, sophisticated weddings.
texas wedding welcome event bags
We offer a range of fonts to reflect the mood of your wedding.  Is it an elegant affair in a stylish city or a whimsical reception in a rustic barn?  Use different fonts to add custom text that coordinates with your wedding theme.
italy wedding welcome bags
We can place text any which way on our totes to create fun, visually appealing designs that flow element to element.font options for personalization on custom wedding welcome bags
Our font options include whimsical and elegant fonts along with bold and classic fonts.  Once you place your order that includes custom text we will mix and match elements and create a range of proofs for you to review.  Then, we will work together to finalize a design that reflects your personality and the theme of your wedding.  Additional fees may apply to designs that require an additional color along with designs that are printed on the front and back of your welcome totes.  We will be sure to disclose which designs require additional fees during the design process.

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