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Tips for Building Your Welcome Bags with Moko & Co.

You have made an excellent decision to put together a wedding welcome bag for your out-of-town wedding guests, then you ask yourself… now what?! Choosing the perfect items to go in your bag can be overwhelming. How many items do you need? What gifts would bring a smile to your guests' faces? Remember that we are here to help with all of your welcome bag needs, but to get you started, follow these easy guidelines!

Handpick a Hold-All

Welcome bags all start with the vessel that you decide to put your gifts in. We have several different options for bags. Our standard wedding totes continue to be the most popular option. They come in five size options: extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. We also offer flat totes that are more lightweight with the same customizable options as our standard totes. Leaving a bottle of wine for your guests? Our wine totes are the perfect bag to hold it! Another fun alternative that we offer are welcome buckets. We love this unexpected choice; it is a great way to display your beautiful gifts. Our zip pouches would be great to hold smaller items for your guests or bath/body products to pamper your bridesmaids with. These pouches can stand alone or make a wonderful surprise inside your welcome totes.  Once you have chosen a bag, we'll work together to design the perfect graphics for them. Check out our designs, which are all fully customizable, or design one of your own!   

Want to create your own bags?  We also offer DIY options - take a peek at our DIY page where you can purchase our totes and bag tags blank to hand-make your welcome bags.

Love on the Local Makers

**Photo by Ruff House Art
Highlighting the location of your wedding is an excellent way to choose gifts for your wedding welcome bags. Whether you are having an elegant city wedding in New York, or a rustic country wedding in Tennessee, we've curated a selection of locally inspired/locally made items that will highlight your wedding destination. Check out our page where you can shop by state; choosing gifts that specifically cater to your wedding location. 

Stay on Theme

**Photo by Heather Marie Collins

Are you having a beach wedding?  A spa-inspired welcome bag filled with self-care products would be greatly appreciated by guests and help them sit back and relax. Is your wedding taking place in an outdoor venue with acres of farmland and stunning mountain views?  Perhaps you fill your welcome bags with goat milk caramels, plantable lollipops, and packets of seeds to enhance your outdoor experience. On our page you can ‘shop by vendor’. This page is broken down by category to make your gift choosing easier than ever.

Tell Your Story

A great way to be sure your welcome bag feels personal is to focus on making the gifts inside a reflection of you and your significant other. Did you meet in North Carolina?  Did you get engaged in Hawaii?  Are you getting married in Chicago?  Provide gifts that tell your story. Give your guests a glimpse of your relationship by choosing items that are special and unique to the two of you.

Quench their Thirst

A great welcome bag always includes a beverage of some kind. Provide your guests with coffee, tea, or even an alcoholic beverage to help them celebrate your weekend. Water bottles are always a good idea especially alongside a hangover kit - your guests' will thank you.

Satisfy their Sweet Tooth


Snacks are a must-have for any welcome bag. Choosing a few special snacks to fill your welcome tote with will please your guests. Want your guests to have a boost of energy before your wedding? Check out these energy bars that would be a great addition to the bag. Whether it is something tasty and salty for before your ceremony, or something sweet to end the night with, your thoughtfulness will be appreciated. 

Leave a Thoughtful Welcome Note

Welcome notes are the perfect way to thank your guests for traveling to be with you and communicate information regarding your event.  You can include the schedule of events, the best local eats around town, and, most importantly, thank them from the bottom of your hearts for their presence on your special day.  Head to our page to design your own welcome notes that coordinate with your welcome bags.

Finish with Finesse 


Want to add an additional touch to your welcome tote that will make your guests swoon when they see it? Presentation is everything: include a ribbon, bag fill, or a bag tag!

Decide on your Delivery

Once your welcome bags are packed and ready, you have to decide how you wish to deliver them to your guests. First, you should discuss your options with your hotel. Whether you have the welcome bags waiting in your guests’ room when they arrive, or behind the front desk of the hotel when they first check in, your tote will make their stay even more special. 

Curating a wedding welcome bag is a fun, thoughtful, enjoyable part of the wedding planning process. Reach out to us and we would love to help you create the perfect welcome gift for your guests!

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