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Grey Ghost Bakery

Grey Ghost Bakery handmakes scrumptious cookies that are a must have in your welcome bags especially for South Carolina weddings!  Here are a few facts about the Charleston, South Carolina-based cookie company.

Grey Ghost Bakery Fun Facts:

1.  A small family-owned baking company in South Carolina.

2.  Baking up delicious, all natural, made-from-scratch, hand-formed, crisp and chewy cookies.

3.  Named after the Pawley Island, SC "Grey Ghost" - folklore from the Lowcountry that suggests a Grey Ghost appears to alert residents of coming storms.

4.  Katherine Frankstone, founder, learned to cook at a young age and transformed her hobby into her own specialty food company.

How to gift:

Grey Ghost cookies are available for your wedding welcome bags.  You have the option of ordering with the Grey Ghost label or no label so you can design your own and have your wedding branding across products in your welcome bags.

Our selection of flavors include: Peanut Butter, Lemon Sugar, Chocolate Chip, Cranberry Orange, and Chocolate Espresso.

We offer our Grey Ghost cookies in packs of two with the option of including their sleek, clean vendor label.  If you're looking to show off where your welcome bag gifts come from definitely opt to include the Grey Ghost label so your guests will know where to find more cookies!

Our other option is to have us design custom labels for your cookies.  We can coordinate your labels with tags, welcome bag designs, welcome letters, and across many of our products for a cohesive look with your wedding's aesthetic.

To learn more about Grey Ghost Bakery visit them at

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