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Edible Wedding Favors: Vendor Spotlight on Lark Fine Foods

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We are lucky to work with such amazing vendors and Lark Fine Foods is no exception. Located in the historic town of Essex, Massachusetts, this company has been working hard to provide enticing and quality treats to people nationwide. Lark Fine Foods was established in 2008 and is women owned and operated. Their mission is to provide their customers with one-of-a-kind delicacies using only premium and natural ingredients. They adhere to non-GMO and kosher standards, they work to source their ingredients locally whenever possible, and they are available in five hundred retail outlets nationwide...that’s a pretty impressive resume if you ask us.

When planning a wedding, there are multiple opportunities to gift treats such as the ones Lark Fine Foods creates. Whether you are looking for a delicious welcome bag filler or you are pairing one of their delicate cookies with another small trinket as a shower or wedding favor, these goodies are the perfect touch. Depending on what exactly you are looking for, we have an array of choices for your consideration:

Boxes of ‘Lark Cookies for Grown-Ups

Lark’s ‘Cookies for Grown-Ups’ are always a hit. The boxes are available in eight sophisticated flavors that are indulgent, but not overly sweet. They offer two sizes, small and large. The small box contains six cookies and the large box contains twelve. Both box sizes are sold in cases of twelve boxes. The eight flavors offered include:

salted caramel almond lark cookies

Salted Caramel Almond Chocolate Pearl ~ almond brittle and Carmelia chocolate pearls finished with sea salt.

salted rosemary shortbread lark cookies

Salted Rosemary Shortbread ~ crisp and buttery, thinner than most shortbread.

coconut butter cookies lark fine foods

Coconut Butter ~ smooth rum, pure cane sugar, and toasted coconut blended to create rich, buttery morsels.

mighty gingers lark foods

Mighty Gingers ~ a hybrid of the best gingersnap and the spiciest gingerbread with an extra dose of ginger for good health. 

Cha-Chas ~ reminiscent of a dense Mexican-stype chocolate - complex with a spicy kick at the end.

lark fine foods lady birds

Whole Grain LadyBirds ~ 100% whole wheat cookies of two tales: one buttery light and crispy with an oat crunch and another marvelously dense with dried cranberries and bittersweet chocolate.

pistachio cherry lark fine foods

Pistachio Cherry Sable ~ French shortbread cookie made with all-natural pistachios and dried cherries.

Cookie Gifting in Smaller Portions

petite paquets from lark fine foods

If you are looking to gift these delicious cookies on a smaller scale, we have options for you as well. Their ‘petite paquets’ come with two cookies per paquet. These are sold in cases of twenty-four and are available in all flavors listed above except the Mighty Gingers. This size option would be the perfect addition to a wedding welcome bag!

single serve lark cookies

Another option we love are the individually wrapped cookies. These come with twenty-four per case, making it easy to gift to large quantities of people. This bulk option cookie is available in three flavors: salted caramel almond chocolate pearl, salted rosemary shortbread, and coconut butter.

No matter what part of your special day you are trying to plan for, gifting an item from Lark’s Fine Foods is an excellent choice for both your guests and your budget. You won’t be disappointed in the quality, and you won’t have to break the bank to provide those quality gifts to your guests. Be sure to reach out if you have any questions about how to purchase these bulk items from Lark Fine Foods for your wedding.

**Photos by Lark Fine Foods**

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