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DIY: Woven Bag Handles

A fun way to embellish your totes with a boho feel is to weave threads through your tote bag handles.  This adds an additional pop of color to your welcome bags.  The spun poly handles have a clear weft and warp that you can easily thread through for a hand woven feel. 


Embroidery thread

Embroidery needle

Tote Bag


1.  Thread your needle with embroidery thread and insert it from back to front at the end of the first row of your handle leaving a tail on the back.

2.  Pull needle up to the front side and weave it along the first weft of your handle.  Follow over the weft as it travels over and under the warp threads.  

3.  At the end of the row, insert your needle in the next row, or alternate rows depending on your preference.  Continue covering the weft threads, over/under the warp threads of the handles.

4.  To add a change of color, at the end of a row, simply insert your working thread to the back of the handle, leaving a tail.  Begin a new color by inserting it up through the back and continuing on the next row.  

5.  Continue to the end of the handle.  Flip your handle so you are working on the wrong side.  Weave your loose ends through the back of the handle to secure in place.


1.  For added security, add a knot to the ends of your thread tails.

2.  Coordinate colors with your tote bag designs for a cohesive look.

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