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DIY: Wild Punch Needle Banner

diy punch needle banner

We had a lot of fun taking our "Wild" Banner design and recreating it using our punch needle.  Here's a little tutorial of how we made it along with resources for learning how to punch needle.


Blank Banner

Embroidery Floss

Ultra Punch Embroidery Punch Needle

7" Embroidery Hoop



Transfer your "Wild" letters in reverse onto the back of your banner.

Insert your banner into your hoop.  Depending on the size of your letters, you may have to adjust your hoop placement as you go. 

Punching from the back side, outline the first letter in your chosen color, then fill in with stitches.  Your embroidery stitches should be on the back and loop stitches on the front.

Continue until you've punch needled all letters.

punch needle banner tutorial



North Shore Crafts - punch needle supplies and tutorials.


You want your embroidery stitches to stack like bricks.

Check out this pen for transferring your design.

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