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DIY: Tissue Paper Confetti

Creating your wedding welcome bags is a lot of fun, especially when you include handmade elements.  Making your own confetti bags to place in your welcome bags or leave for guests to enjoy at your reception is the perfect way to get your party started.  Grab your bridesmaids, a bottle (or two) of wine, and let's start crafting!
Tissue Paper (12 sheets thick)
Choose a drawstring bag, we used our 4" x 6" Recovery Kit Blanks and used the Cricut to iron on a special message.  Check out our recent blog post for step-by-step directions on using the Cricut along with their Every-Day Iron on Vinyl.  If you're DIY-ing several aspects of your wedding the Cricut is a wonderful tool to invest in.
Pick tissue paper that coordinates with your color scheme or pick something outrageous and fun!  It's your day, you make the rules.  Choose from our selection of tissue paper or do a quick google search to find the perfect shade.  Another fun idea is to customize tissue paper sheets with your names/date/or a special message - I'm sure with another quick google search you can find somewhere out there that does that!  We used the above 1" hole punch and it was a dream.  We had previously tried a more traditional, "crafty" hole punch with a "pop-top" that you press down to create the cut-out. That one did not work well.  It kept jamming and we finally tried sandwiching the tissue paper with card stock.  This helped a little.  But, the new hole punch we found didn't require excess wasted paper and cut through the tissue paper, in stacks of 12 sheets, like a dream.  
Cut out your confetti and mix it up so the colors are evenly distributed.  If you do this on the table it's a bit difficult to pick up each piece to put in the bags.  We suggest keeping the colors in their hole punched piles of 12 circles and placing those in the bags, then shake the bags to mix them up.
All that's left is adding them to your welcome bags or placing them in a tray to display at your reception.  Voila!  Party in a bag.  Enjoy!

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