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DIY: State Embroidered Mini Weaving

texas state diy weavings

Here is a super simple DIY weaving with embroidery.  These make great keepsakes from your home state for bridesmaid gifts, birthdays, holidays, and more.


Harrisville Peg Loom

1.5mm Natural Color Cotton Warp

Soft Cotton Cord 4mm Single Strand Natural Color for Weft

Supersoft 9mm Natural Cotton for Rya Knots

Super Chunky Merino Wool in Aqua for State

4-Ply, 100% Pure Wool Rug Yarn in Goldfinger for Heart

Air Erasable Fabric Marker

Weaving Needle


Warp your loom using the 1.5mm string for a total of 22 warps strings.

Plain weave the background creating a 5" x 5" square with the 4mm string.

Use rya knots on the bottom with the 9mm string.

Print and resize state silhouette template until it is the size you like.  The Texas silhouette is about 2 3/4" x 2 3/4".  Once you are happy with the size, outline your state silhouette with the air erasable fabric marker making sure it is centered on your plain weave.  

Use long stitches to fill in your state silhouette with your aqua wool.  Add the gold heart with two stitches wherever you would like.


Check out Hello Hydrangea for everything you need to know about weaving.

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