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DIY: Scallop Punch Needle Bucket

punch needle scallop home decor bucket

Our buckets make wonderful storage containers for your crafty WIP's and supplies. The 15 oz cotton canvas is sturdy and able to hold a few balls of yarn, knitting needles, punch needles, and scissors so you can keep your projects nice and organized.  In this blog post, we'll share how we embellished our bucket with scallops using our embroidery punch needle.


Blank Bucket

Quince and Co Finch Yarn in Slate, Glacier, and Peaks Ferry

Q Snap Frame

Ultra Punch Needle

Fabric Glue

Frixion Pen


how to mark tote

Mark the center top of the bucket.  Mark 1" on either side.  Measure 1.5" drop from the center to mark the bottom center of the scallop.  Connect the top marks to the bottom center to create your first scallop.  Create one more scallop on each side for a total of three.  Each scallop should measure 2" wide and 1.5" long.

Center your next two scallops in between and below the first row.  Mark 1.5" down from the bottom of the first row of scallops.  Create your second row of scallops by connecting this centered mark to the center of the scallops in the first row.  Repeat for the bottom scallop.

snap frame into place

Place the Q-Snap frame on the inside and snap the fabric into place.  Note: the fabric is stiff enough that you don't have to place your stitches under the snaps if you need to adjust your frame at any point.  Placing your stitches under the snaps may cause them to pull out.

punch needle

Thread your Punch Needle and fill in your scallops.  Once complete, your embroidery stitches will be on the inside of your bucket and the loop stitches will be on the outside.

fabric glue

Spread a thin layer of fabric glue to the back side of your stitches to prevent them from snagging.  

This design would look adorable on one of our larger tote bags as well.  You could create one for yourself or DIY your bridal party gift bags, teacher appreciation gifts, holiday/birthday gifts, and more!

To learn more about punch needle techniques visit: Hello Hydrangea

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