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DIY: Punch Needle Wall Art

We love exploring new crafts especially ones where we can use our own designs.  We tried out our Vermont, Bear, and Evergreen designs using the punch needle technique and we loved the outcome.  This was a very relaxing, quick craft we will definitely be coming back to.  Here are some things we learned along with some great resources we used while trying our hand at punch needle embroidery.


Dorr Foundation Bundle

This was a great way to experiment with different foundation cloths.  You receive one yard each of primitive natural linen, cotton warp cloth, and cotton monks cloth.

Ganxxet Punch Needle Yarn

We used vegan wool from Ganxxet's Etsy site.  You can also find some amazing fibers to play with on their website here

North Shore Crafts

North Shore Crafts has incredible yarns, foundation cloths, tools, and resources for punch needle.  Their blog has a bunch of information to help you take the guess work out of starting this new craft.  And the products they offer are exactly what you need for success in punch needling.  If you sign up for their email, you will receive a PDF with everything you need to know about punch needling along with 7 free designs and a design template.


We hear the Morgan No-Slip Hoop is top notch for punch needling.  We used a regular wooden embroidery hoop, the one we are also using as frames for our finished pieces, we do not recommend these for punch needling - your fabric will slip and you will be pulling at it and adjusting it the whole time.  They do make a nice frame for hanging your finished work, though.  We've also used the Q-Snap frame and this held the fabric very taut for a successful punch needling experience.


Outline shapes with smaller stitches.

Stitches next to each other shouldn't line up, they should stagger so the end of one stitch falls in the middle of the stitch next to it like bricks.

Tape the edges of your fabric with painter's tape so they don't unravel as you work.

When you are finished, cut your fabric a little larger than your embroidery hoop, fold the edges over the hoop and hot glue them in place.

**Not sure it is referred to as "Punch Needling" maybe "Punch Needle Embroidery," "Punch Needle Process" are the correct ways to refer to it, but "Punch Needling" sounds right to us :)

Recommended Books:

Punch Needle: Master the Art of Punch Needling Accessories for You and Your Home by Arounna Khounnoraj

Modern Rug Hooking: 22 Punch Needle Projects for Crafting a Beautiful Home by Rose Pearlman 


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