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DIY: Punch Needle Forest

We wanted to share our Forest Punch Needle design with you all!  We designed it in Procreate and transferred it to a base cloth.  From there we punched away creating a fun forest of blues and greens.  To create your own: sketch out three trees onto a piece of paper and transfer to your base cloth.  Pick your colors and have fun "coloring" in your trees with fiber!


Ganxxet Cotton Balls

Northshore Crafts Filzy Wool Yarn

Stitch Frame

Base Cloth

Punch Needle

Transfer Pen

Punch Needle Tips:

Make sure the fiber can flow through the punch needle smoothly.

Make sure the ball of fiber is loose - if the strand gets caught on anything (your arm, too tight to the ball) it will cause your stitches to pull up.

You want your embroidery stitches to stack like bricks.

This pen has made tracing patterns much easier!  Make sure to mirror the image if necessary depending on the stitches you want to show (loop or embroidery side).

If you need more tips I recommend checking out Northshore Crafts - we have learned a lot from her emails and blogs, a one stop shop for punch needle supplies, the fibers are beautiful, so definitely check it out.

The Stitch Frame is AMAZING!  Not only does it make your embroidery look stunning - you can punch needle directly in it!  The color options and customizations are amazing plus they are handmade by a lovely company.

Original design in Procreate:

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