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DIY: Punch Needle Pouch

Follow along to make this summertime fun punch needle pouch.  


Goldfinger Gold Yarn

Princess Diaries Light Teal Green Yarn

Singing in the Rain Teal Blue Yarn

Marie Antoinette Pink Yarn

Natural White Yarn

Cotton Warp Cloth (love the Foundation Cloth bundle from Dorr Mill Store so you can try different foundation cloths.  I used the cotton warp cloth from this bundle, but any of these fabrics would be great.)

#10 Regular Oxford Punch Needle

11" x 11" Q Snap Frame

Sewing Machine

9” Metal Zipper

Faux Leather

Light Sew-In Interfacing

Lining Fabric

Frixion Pen



Here is the design used in this tutorial.  Feel free to use this one for any and all purposes.

Punch Needle

1.   Cut 15" x 15" square of foundation fabric.

2.  Center your design, trace the design onto your foundation fabric using a light box or bright window with your Frixion pen.  The embroidery stitches will be on the front and the loop stitches on the back so no need to mirror your image.

3.  Insert your fabric in your Q Snap Frame and begin punching.

4.  Once you're done punching the colorful elements of your design measure 1/2" out from each side and draw a rectangle around your abstract shapes.  Use the grain of the foundation fabric to guide your line to ensure your edges are straight.  Using your natural white yarn, fill in the space between your abstract shapes and around the border to create your background.

5.  Measure another 1/2" out from the background rectangle, following along with the grain of the fabric, and draw another rectangle. 

6.  Remove your fabric from the Q Snap frame.  Cut along the outer rectangle and zig zag stitch so your foundation fabric doesn't fray as you work.  Your piece should measure about 10"w x 8"h.

7.  Cut a piece of faux leather measuring 10"w x 8"h.  

8.  Cut 3 pieces of sew-in interfacing measuring 10"w x 8"h.  (You do not need one for the punch needle side.)

9.  Cut 2 pieces of lining fabric measuring 10"w x 8"h.


Here is a helpful video for constructing your pouch. 

10.  Line the zipper up on the top of the punch needle section and stitch in place.  Attach the faux leather (+ one piece of interfacing) to the other side of the zipper.

11.  Open the zipper and pin one lining piece (+ one piece of interfacing) on top of the punch needle side.  Stitch inside your original stitching line to attach the lining to the zipper.  Top stitch the lining.  Repeat for the faux leather side.

12.  Line the punch needle side over the faux leather side and the two lining sides on top of each other.  Pin in place leaving the zipper about 3/4 the way open.  Leave the zipper foot on and stitch around close to the edge of the punch needle design.  Make sure to leave an opening about 6-7" on the bottom of the lining side so you can flip the pouch right side out when you are done stitching.  After you've stitched all the way around, snip the corners, zipper edge, and any extra fabric to reduce bulk.

13.  Turn your pouch right side out.  Edge stitch the lining opening closed.  Insert the lining into the pouch.

14.  Go out on the town and show off your new handmade pouch!! 

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