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DIY: Sky-Inspired Wall Art

This is a happy little project to brighten up any wall space big or small.  We started doodling and came up with a Sky-Inspired theme, but feel free to let your sketches take you on another journey.  We chose to work with Rainbow, Star, Sun, and Rain Clouds patterns with simple shapes using minimal colors.  Make sure to play around with colors until you come up with a color scheme that makes you smile or one that compliments your space.  When working your design, decide on a theme and choose four objects that represent that theme.  Then, break them down to their basic shapes to capture this simplistic design form. 

Here are the materials we used, but always feel free to experiment.  If your passion is water colors, by all means, use water colors.  If you're a gouache gal/guy gouache away!  


Tombow Koi Pens

110 lb Index White Cardstock Paper

Cricut or Paper Trimmer

Baker's Twine


1.  Using your Cricut or paper trimmer cut four pieces of cardstock 8" x 8" with 0.1" holes that are placed 0.5" down from the top and 0.5" in from the sides.  Or you can use the template below.

2.  Measure 2 1/4" down and 2" in from the side and make a very light pencil mark.  Make two more pencil marks 2" apart.

3.  Measure 2" down from the first line of marks and 1" in from the side.  This will create a half drop pattern.  Continue making marks 2" apart for a total of 4 marks in this section.

4.  Measure 2" down from the second line of marks and 2" in from the side.  Continue making marks 2" apart for a total of 3 marks in this section.

5.  Draw your design on each pencil mark.  You my have to erase the pencil mark before drawing over it.  Try to make your design centered where the pencil mark was.

6.  Once you complete your four patterns tie a length of twine through the two holes at the top knotting on the back.  Ensure the knots are big enough that they won't pull through the holes.  

7.  Hang and enjoy!

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