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DIY: Geometric Tray with Cricut


DIY has never been easier thanks to the Cricut.  We love the parallels between working with the Cricut and screen printing.  A lot of the thought process is the same; in both mediums you are considering negative space.  In some instances, you are reversing your image to ensure it is placed on your surface correctly.  And the restrictions we love about screen printing apply to the Cricut as well, such as color and design limitations.  We love embracing these limitations because they help develop a unique style and focus for designs.  Using these mediums helps reign in a world of endless possibilities and focus on simple, beautiful designs; have fun working with the challenges to make your visions come to life.

For this DIY project we took our Phoenix Tote Bag Design and applied it to a wooden tray using Premium Removable Vinyl and the Cricut Explore Air 2 machine.  What we love about the removable vinyl is the fact that it is removable (for up to 2 years) so you can redesign and update your surface.

You can create your own geometric design or use one of the Cricut designs from Design Space and apply it to any surface following the steps below.  


Blank Tray

White Premium Removable Vinyl

Transfer Tape

Cricut Machine




1.  Create your design and open it in Design Space.

2.  Scale your design to fit your tray.

3.  Proceed to cut ensuring the settings are correct for the vinyl.

4.  Make sure your vinyl is liner side down (non vinyl side) on your mat.  The Standard Grip Mat is recommended, but we used a new Light Grip Mat and it worked just fine.

5.  Cut your design and remove the negative vinyl pieces with your weeder tool.  Do not remove the liner.

6.  Place the transfer tape over your design, use the scraper tool to press the transfer tape onto the design and remove any bubbles.  Slowly remove your design from the liner to the transfer tape.

7.  Place your design on your tray without pressing down so you can adjust and straighten.  

8.  Measure sides, top, and bottom to ensure your design is centered and straight on your tray.  

9.  Once in place, use your scraper to press your vinyl design onto your tray.

10.  Peel the transfer tape off carefully without peeling up your design.

11.  Enjoy your fresh, new tray!


Create your own design in Illustrator or on your tablet using a design app (we like Procreate and Autodesk SketchBook).  

If your design peels away with the transfer tape, place back down and use your scraper to press the design back onto the tray.

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