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Creative Additions to your Wedding Welcome Bag: Spotlight on Albertine Press


I have always loved receiving snail mail. Some people call it a thing of the past, some people believe it is a lost art, but I am here to say LONG LIVE SNAIL MAIL! Adding a postcard to your wedding welcome bags, especially for those out of town guests, is such a unique and personal touch.  We would like to spotlight Albertine Press, a print shop based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that we work with for such occasions. 

Albertine Press began as a design and print studio and has grown to sell much more. Some of their products include: greeting cards, note sets, coasters, and journals. They love to partake in custom printing jobs whether it be for a wedding or business venture and they sell their products in stationery stores and gift shops across the country. The owner’s love for printing shines through on their website and also through her work. Her passion for letterpress is what makes Albertine Press stand out in their field. We also love that all of their products are printed on 100% cotton paper, making them not only extremely well made, but eco-friendly! It is clear that Albertine Press loves their community and wants to get involved as much as they can. On their website, you can see various workshops and events that they will be taking part in locally. It is also very clear that creativity is a true passion of theirs. If you are looking to create custom wedding invitations or save the dates, you can meet directly with the team to put your vision on paper and make it a reality. 

The first product we offer from Albertine Press are their Letterpress postcards. If you are having a city wedding, a postcard with that city on it would be a fun addition to your welcome bags. If your wedding is located elsewhere, you could add a postcard of the city you met your significant other in, or a city that has significant meaning to you both. Your guests will love receiving a blank card so they can send a post card from your beloved city. You could also use the cards to write a hand written note to your guests, thanking them for making the journey to celebrate with you. This addition would be a great way to help your guests learn more about you as a couple! When you order, 20 cards come to a box. The elegant design and thoughtful nature of this gift will blow your guests away. 

The other product that we feature are their Cityscape notebooks. These notebooks have 44 blank pages and display a print of a city of your choice on the cover. The notebooks are printed on recycled kraft cover stock and the design on the cover is printed with a charcoal gray ink. There are thirty cities to choose from for your cover. They are simply beautiful, and can be used in so many ways. This unique addition to your welcome bags will both surprise and excite your guests. 

Not getting married? These postcards and notebooks would be great to give as gifts and use in other settings as well! 

  • Postcards to send out if you move to a new city
  • If you have a friend who has moved to a new city, make a gift basket and include these
  • Are you a realtor? Include these as part of a gift when a client buys in a new city
  • Do you just love sending snail mail? Buy these postcards to use for thank you/just saying hi cards

Albertine Press is a company with sleek and beautiful products that would make any gift or welcome bag stand out. We are happy to partner with them to make your special day everything you imagined it would be!

Photos by Albertine Press.

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