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Color Schemes for Wedding Welcome Bags

Here are a few of our favorite color combinations for wedding welcome tote bags.  There are so many fun ways to play with color in your welcome gifts.  You can mix and match colors on your totes and coordinate them with your ribbons and packaging.  We love the patriotic feel of navy and red, the beach vibe from our turquoise and pink colors, and the simple elegance of light grey and gold.  If you have a hard time visualizing how colors will work together we will always provide proofs of your totes.  We can even send a few proofs with different color combinations before you purchase. 

Have fun browsing some of our favorites!

blush and gold wedding welcome gift bags

navy and gold wedding gift bags

turquoise and pink hotel welcome gifts

light grey and gold hotel welcome bags

navy an red hotel welcome bags

peacock blue and blush hotel gift bags for wedding guests


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