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Bridal & Baby Shower Theme Focus: Tea Party

One of the most common themes for a bridal or baby shower is a tea party! Whether it is the elegant nature, or the simplicity of the food and drinks served at a tea party, the theme is always a hit among hosts and guests alike. A tea party theme gives the host flexibility in what to offer as a party favor. To make your tea party themed shower stand out from the rest, we have listed some ideas for unique and special favors for you to consider!

Treats to Use as Favors

Flying Bird Botanicals

Support local farmers and made in the USA products by including these lovely tea tins as favors at your shower.  Six handmade organic tea bags are packaged in beautiful and thoughtful tins - they include original illustrations wrapped around airtight, recycled, steel tins.  Include Flying Bird Botanicals inside a favor bag alongside a jar of honey, a honey wand, and a pack of biscotti for the perfect tea party take-away.

Winterwoods Tea Company

Winterwoods Tea Company makes 100% organic loose leaf tea pouches. These pouches are resealable and come in sixteen different flavors. Each pouch makes up to 30 cups of tea, and the pouches have a twelve month shelf life, making them the perfect gift for tea lovers everywhere. 

Bumbleberry Farms

What’s a good cup of tea without some honey? Bumbleberry Farms has adorable honey jars and honey wands that would be perfect for a shower favor or welcome bag! The honey jars are sold in cases of thirty-six, and the wands are sold in sets of twenty-five. What makes this option even more personal is the idea of adding custom tags or ribbons to the jars or wands. 

Whimsy & Spice

Whimsy & Spice makes delicious biscotti cookies in the flavors: cinnamon chocolate malt and chocolate chilli cashew. They are sold in packages of ten biscotti. They also make shortbread cookies in the flavors of brown sugar gingerspice, honey lavender, and chocolate orange cardamom. The shortbread cookies are sold in packs of twelve cookies. What is special about ordering from Whimsy & Spice is that you can mix and match between flavors -- a fun way to customize your favors and try them all!

Marlo's Bakeshop

Marlo’s Bakeshop makes soft baked biscotti that come individually wrapped, making them the perfect choice for a shower favor! The flavors include: original, banana bread, chocolate chip cookie, and coffee cake. They are sold in sets of twenty-four single serving biscotti. What we love about Marlo’s Bakeshop is that they are a great option if you have a lot of guests who have dietary restrictions or allergies. Their biscotti are available gluten, dairy, nut, or soy free!

P.S. Sweets

Choose from one of P.S. Sweets' adorable cookie designs to display at your bridal or baby shower.  Make sure to offer little plastic baggies so your guests can bring some home to enjoy.  Designs include heart cookies, state cookies, baby shower themed cookies, monograms, wedding cookies, and more.  These classic vanilla sugar cookies with vanilla royal icing are as delicious as they are beautiful.

How to Package Your Favors

Our extra small tote bags, buckets, or our zip-pouches would be the perfect packaging for your tea party shower favor. Some of the designs we would use for an event such as this include our heart outline design, our love design, or our to have and to hold design. Another option for you would be to work with us to create a custom design, like a tea cup! We love working together with clients to make sure the products turn out exactly how you imagine them. Don’t forget to check out our bag tags, ribbons, and bag fill options to help make your favor or welcome bag complete!

Bonus idea: Set up a display for your tea party favors and allow guests to fill their bags with their favorite selections of tea, honey, and cookies.

Photos by: Flying Bird Botanicals, Winterwoods Tea Company, Carolina Girl Cooks, Bumbleberry Farms, Whimsy & Spice, Marlo's Bakeshop, and P.S. Sweets.

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