Spring 2015: Behind the Scenes

As I work on our Spring 2015 Collection I wanted to share some behind the scenes snapshots so you can get a closer look at our design process.  Here's a sneak peek at my newest bag design from sketch to product.

A few weeks ago I took a walk with my sketchbook and started to doodle.  I often sneak away from the studio for doodle-time as a change of scenery often gets the creative juices flowing.  Below is one of my drawings from that day.

I pulled my favorite elements from this drawing and visualized them on several handbag styles.  I kept returning to a messenger styled crossbody bag.  I sketched out a few rough bag designs and put this design on the back burner as I finished out holiday orders. 

Welcoming 2015 and feeling refreshed after a nice, relaxing holiday in New England it was time to turn my sketches into a physical product.  I fell in love with the hand rendered feel of my sketchbook and wanted to translate this into my crossbody bag.  I sketched my motifs out onto paper and then transferred them with an opaque black marker onto vellum paper to prepare them for screen printing. 

From there, I transferred the hand rendered pattern onto a screen using photo emulsion.

Once ready, I printed my pattern design onto white fabric using black ink.

I am absolutely in love with the raw imperfections hand rendering the pattern provided.  With freshly printed and dried fabric I began to sew our newest handbag for our Spring 2015 Collection!!

Just a taste for now!!


'til next time,


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