Making Marks with Found Objects

We took a trip to the hardware store and picked up an unusual assortment of materials; machine screws, corner braces, sheet metal screws, and an escutcheon to name a few.  We were on a mission to find objects that we thought might make an interesting shape or mark.  Then, we got to work, testing out our finds.

An assortment of objects we found at the hardware store.

Prepping the ink.  We printed on paper first, so we used Speedball's block printing ink for paper.

Testing out our marks on scrap paper.  Some of the objects printed very differently than we expected.  Happy surprises!

Putting our marks together into a tossed pattern.

Trying our marks on fabric (we used Pebeo's fabric ink.)

Another set of prints on fabric.

Grab your choice of found objects and start making some marks!

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