Practice Makes Paintings

This week at moko&co we are working on completing some custom calligraphy and painting orders. Before I do any calligraphy project, I start with some warm ups. It's the same as when I prepare to sing opera. Warm ups are important. These are some of my practice samples I completed before I began work on this batch of wedding addresses.

I am also doing some large scale calligraphy on chalk board. I purchased chalk board from Home Depot (who knew you could do that!?). And I am cutting it down to size. These pencil sketches are close ups for what I am planning to write on the board with chalk markers. I will then frame the calligraphy chalkboards for a custom order.

Lastly, I am working on some custom painting items - primarily custom ornaments and custom wedding gifts. I am painting a couple on a wooden box and the locations they live, got engaged, and are getting married. I will also include their honeymoon. I am working on some custom ornaments for the holidays. These will be sold in shops in Virginia and North Carolina. Lastly, I am working on a custom wedding portrait for a first anniversary. This one will feature the couple and some of the highlights of their special day. Photos coming soon! For now I am working on the sketches and layouts, which will be sent to the clients for their approval. Practice makes perfect!

The moral of the story: Don't forget to warm up if you want to be as great a singer as me.

Paints and kisses,

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